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Press Release 

VT1s artists wear SL Fiji at Fringe Concert

March 4 , 2023, Suva, FIJI -  Samson Lee Fiji partnered with VTBop Music to dress VT1s artists for their concert at the Fringe Festival.

"The VTBop Music movement has sparked a new genre of Fijian indigenous music and unveiled our next generation of Fijian artists and I am proud to see them wearing Fijian designed and made on the stage"

Lee also adds that the artists wore pieces from his Civa, Nasoko and Salusalu collections.

"Our arts community is a tight knit community and it's important for us to collaborate and support each other, I've collaborated with them for my shows using their music so it's great to be able to do the same" added Lee.

VT1s Wase Rua album is available for download on iTunes.


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