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Press Release 

Rebel Wilson wears Fijian 

December 8, 2021, Suva, FIJI - Australian Hollywood star Rebel Wilson, Tourism Fiji's newest brand ambassador wore Fijian designer Samson Lee Fiji during one of her campaign shoots.

"This is a huge milestone for the Fijian fashion industry, wearing Fijian designed and made for our tourism campaign make it authentic" said Lee. 

Tourism Fiji played a pivotal role in reaching out to Fijian designers to help dress the Hollywood star for her stay and campaign shoot. 

"I must thank Brent Hill and his team at Tourism Fiji for including Fijian fashion designers in this campaign, as our borders opened this was a welcome boost to help with small businesses such as mine" said Lee.

Rebel Wilson wore the 'Yalu Rua' wraparound dress while shooting on Vomo Island. 


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