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Press Release 

SL Fiji achieves fashion diplomacy milestone

August 22, 2021, Suva, FIJI - Samson Lee Fiji is launching the ‘Yalu’ collection, which is premiering the brand’s first ever digital print. 

“Like many Fijian businesses we have been affected by COVID, screen printing has been the way of getting our designs onto fabric but the supply of paint has been an issue with border closures” said Samson Lee, the owner of the brand. 

Lee is especially proud to announce that the digital printing is done locally and believes that this gives his brand a new international look. 

“Our fashion industry has been limited in the ways we can print, it’s always been screen printing but with a fabric digital printer the designs and limitless, I am really excited about this premiere collection”

Lee has also had to make tough decisions regarding his business, which meant closing his flagship store at the Grand Pacific Hotel and moving back to his old shop, which is now the Wearing Fiji Studio. 

“You have to adapt and pivot if you’re going to survive COVID, for me that was being realistic about what was important, retail space or staff. I chose staff because they are the backbone of my brand” said Lee 

With lockdown the SL Fiji brand has relied 100% on online sales and there has been an increase in international sales specifically the diaspora community. 

“I am extremely grateful that my brand began online, that space is where I developed my brand and following so it hasn’t been too difficult to transition back, I am fully vaccinated and so is my staff so we are looking forward to returning to a COVID normal way of doing business safely” said Lee 

‘Yalu’ is the Fijian name of the ‘Monstera’ leaf, which is featured in abstract on the digital print. The ‘Yalu’ collection features ready to wear and resort wear pieces.


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