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Press Release 

Na Soko Show set for US

November 2, 2021, Sacramento, USA - Samson Lee Fiji is set to host it’s first US show ‘Na Soko’  in Sacramento featuring a series of collections telling the story of his brand.


“I am blown away by the support of the Fijian community in the US it’s humbling to know I have Fijians flying in from all over the US for the show” said Samson Lee.


‘Na Soko’ meaning ‘The Voyage’ in Fijian is celebrating the story of the SL Fiji brand.


“My life has influenced my brand and style and I want to share that story with my clients, my US clients have been steadfast during COVID and the goal was always to have a show here it’s just a 2 year delay because of the pandemic” said Lee.


Lee also said that people can expect new prints and the event with feature Fijian artists such as Jack Eastgate who will be doing LIVE painting and selling pieces as well as the Bula Boys band who will be performing at the after party.


The show will also feature music from the compilation album VTI that is set to drop on the same day as the show. The album is produced by Tropical Thunda.


“My goal is to be inclusive of our Fijian community here and tap Fijian artists so our community can have a taste of home, Jack is such a talented artist and the Bula Boys will bring that Fijian flair to the party”


The show will be on November 6th, 2021 at the Pagoda Events Centre, Sacramento, CA.



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