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Press Release 

Second US SL Fiji show to debut spring collection

March 4, 2022  Sacramento, USA- Samson Lee Fiji will debut its spring collection 'Salusalu' and feature two Fijian designers Andrew Powell and Lambert Ho. 


“The Fijian community here has shown me such tremendous support for my first show and now I wanted to give them a little bit more of Fijian fashion by featuring Andrew Powell and Lambert Ho ” said Samson Lee.


‘Salusalu’ is Fijian for garland. It can be described as a necklace of flowers woven together by strands of vau (dried bark of wild hibiscus). The salusalu marks an occasion of celebration such as graduations or weddings.


“My spring collection is inspired by the salusalu which is a symbol of celebrations in Fiji, the collection is celebrating new beginnings which I believe is a phase we're all entering as our borders open  and doing business post COVID, it's an ode to new beginnings ” said Lee.

Andrew Powell's label Rogue Stitch will debut the collection 'Noqu Yanuyanu'  meaning my island. 


"The Noqu Yanuyanu Collection captures the sense of longing for a place of natural beauty. Saturated by jewel tones from the rich flora and forna and glistening with white sandy beaches and aqua blue waters. Once witnessed, forever remembered, island home" said Powell.

Lambert Ho's collection will feature unique hand painted fabric which is titled 'Marau' meaning happiness.

The event will again feature Fijian artists such as Jack Eastgate who will be doing LIVE painting and selling pieces and the After Party will feature Vude Prince Savuto and Adi Lo.


“We have such a diverse fashion industry back home, my intention is bring a slice of that to the Fijian diaspora community in the US”


The show will be on March 19, 2022 at the Westin, Sacramento, CA.



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